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Our Work

At our core, No Res Gourmet is a project where volunteers come together to cook a gourmet meal for people experiencing homelessness in our community. 

We make healthy choices everywhere we can: we aim to cut dairy, sugar, and unhealthy fats whenever possible. We often cook plant-based meals to reduce meat consumption, and we completely avoid giving out anything plastic.

Our Impact

We served 20,000 gourmet meals in 2020
and over 50,000 in 2021
in 2022 we expanded our project into Miami, FL

Throughout the past 3 years, our project grew at a tremendous pace thanks to the support of the community, tireless volunteers, and dedicated donors. We distributed meals individually to unhoused people throughout the city, as well as meal donations to various shelters. We collaborated with restaurants and other organizations to reach as many people in need as we could.

Our Partners

We've collaborated with and distributed meals with the help of the following organizations

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Kitchen space has been generously donated by


Our Plans to Scale

So how do we scale our impact? How do we feed the maximum number of people per year?

Here's what we have in the works

Let us know how you can help!


Community Fridge

We are currently in partnership to build and supply a solar-powered community fridge and pantry to be placed in a location where there is a high need for food and supplies. The fridge will be part of the greater LA Community Fridge Network, and will be consistently stocked with meals and needed items.

Restaurant Collaborations

Restaurants have bigger, commercial kitchens, and skilled, well-trained chefs. We are currently working with a few local restaurants to host a No Res Gourmet night. Not only will the food be excellent, but we can potentially feed a lot more people through this partnership.

Multi-City Chapters

You don't have to live in Los Angeles or even volunteer with No Res Gourmet to make an impact. Anyone can replicate this model and contribute to their own community. You can make a few meals or thousands, and we will provide any support we can. If you have the will, we can share our knowledge!

We are continuously looking for partners to join us on our mission. Whether you want to collaborate, volunteer, donate, or share your ideas, please contact us! 

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